Advanced Skin Treatments



Cosmeceutical Peels

These specialised treatments targets breakouts, pigmentation, improves skin texture and wrinkles. Combining natural fruit acids and enzymes. this facial will rejuvenate and exfoliate without harshness of scrubbing leaving your skin smooth and radiant.


Level 1: Hydration Peel              45 minutes $95

Level 2: Power Peel                    60 minutes $125

Level 3: Advanced Skin Peel      45 minutes $ 155


 If you want instant results, then this is the treatment for you. incorporating a deeper peeling system this treatment will reveal a more youthful complexion in as little as a week. (Home care pre and post is required for level 2 & 3 tretaments)


Oxygen Rejuvenation treatment - 45 minutes $125 


Replenish your skin with intense hydration. Perfect for all skin types to lift, firm and tone your skin. results are instant and continue to improve with maintenance. 


Luxury Rejuvenation Treatment - 60 minutes $150


This skin quenching treatment provides intense hydration usuing vitamins and antioxidants to help dramatically lift, tone and hydrate the skin resulting in a luminous and plump effect.


Anti-Ageing Lift - Add to any facial $60


This targeted express treatment will reduce the appearance and depth of wrinkles. The potent neuro-peptides visibly firm, tighten and plump the eyes, forehead and mouth area for a dramatically smooth and youthful appearance.


Fractional Radio Frequency - POA


A revolutionary treatment for facial rejuvenation, skin tightening, wrinkle reduction, acne scarring and skin texture improvement. This treatment provides outstanding anti-ageing and rejuvenation results to the face, neck and decollete with little downtime. A safe and effective alternative to fillers and chemical peels with incredible results in just one to six weeks.


Facial Lifting & Skin Tightening - Eye Treatment $120

                                                      Facial Lifting from $155

A painless alternative to needling. Our Diamond Polar Radio Frequency provides advanced facial lifting using the latest most advanced technology. The result is increased blood flow and toning of muscles allowing quicker interchange of nutrients between cells. Within minutes the skin becomes instantly firm, tight and more youthful.